Homicidum – In-game UI

After the main menu was completed, the next piece of UI that needed to be completed was the in-game HUD for the players. This was not thought about in much detail as we were told by the UI Designer that he had it under control. We did manage to come up with a simple and […]

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Homicidium – New UI System

Since our UI Designer has not produced any work so far after 6 months of development, the responsibility has fallen to me to create it. We decided that the temporary UI system was not sufficient for the final game as it was too buggy. Instead we used the new UI tools that were added to […]

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Homicidium – Game Modes

The game modes have now been set up and use a common interface. This allows us to implement whichever class is needed. At the moment only the Headhunters game type is implemented but a Last Man Standing template is present to show the process of creating new game modes. The Headhunters game mode has a […]

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