Homicidium – New UI System

Since our UI Designer has not produced any work so far after 6 months of development, the responsibility has fallen to me to create it.

We decided that the temporary UI system was not sufficient for the final game as it was too buggy. Instead we used the new UI tools that were added to Unity 4.6 and change the main menu to be mainly 2D based.

The menu can be navigated with both the keyboard-mouse and controller inputs which is suitable for all players. The character select screen with the 3D models being highlighted by spotlights is functional but does not currently allow the player to selected a character.

This new menu runs a lot smoother, is more stable and looks much cleaner and appealing. The menu buttons were made by Gary and the main background was creating by Sary.

Overall this new menu seems to fit the game better then the last one and does everything that is needed at this time.


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