Homicidium – Huge Improvements

Since my last blog post, a lot has been implemented.

The temporary game menu now also has fully implemented controller support so there is no more need to use the mouse to get into the game if the player intends on using a controller to play. From the main menu the user can currently use the left and right bumpers on any connected controller or the ‘1’ and ‘2’ keys to specify how many local players will be playing. Once this has been picked the game will add in the chosen number of players, splitting the screen horizontally in half if playing split screen. For balancing purposes we have decided to force the players to user a controller when playing split screen as we see this as a controller based game primarily.

Spawn points have been placed around the track so when spawning a player, it picks a random spawn point and assigns that as the starting position.

We have another presentation on the 24th February, 10 days time, where we will present the game in its current state at the time. I am still waiting on the new improved map and updates horse and chariot models, hopefully all of them will have colours on them, even if it is just block colours and not just textures.

Our next step will be to implement game types using the game state (this has been started with simple timers but nothing more advanced then that so far) as well as starting on the combat system since we have the ability to test collisions between 2 players now.


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