Homicidium – Finishing Touches

The basis of the game has been completed and can be played with two players. The only things left to do for the hand in are small, finishing touches, mainly to do with the visuals.

The first task was to add lights to the map. As we were doing this, we encountered a problem with shadows from the main directional light in the scene. All of the shadows from the models cut off half way through, as if they were intersecting the floor plane. It took a while to find the source of this problem, but it ended up being the bias being set to 2 instead of 0.

To make the application look professional, we added in a custom icon for the task bar along with a mouse pointer.

On the main menu, we added in a section for controls where it displays an image of the mouse, keyboard and a controller for the user to view. This is accompanied with annotations detailing what each of the buttons do once in game.

Particle effects were also added to the map. A combination of fire, smoke and ambers were created and pieced together in the braziers by Gary for extra visual effects. I also created a small script that is placed on to Point Light objects that make their intensity change at randomly intervals to create a flickering effect.

The last particle effect that was added was dust. I played around with some values to create a kind of whirlwind visual with dust particles swirling around the outside of the Colosseum. This small touch added to the atmosphere and instantly made the game look much more player and appealing.

There are many more features that we are hoping to add into the game such as networked games, 4 player co-op, a new camera system, soft locking when in combat, weapon pick ups, more characters, more maps, level traps the list goes on.


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