Homicidum – In-game UI

After the main menu was completed, the next piece of UI that needed to be completed was the in-game HUD for the players. This was not thought about in much detail as we were told by the UI Designer that he had it under control. We did manage to come up with a simple and clean layout that had all the essentials displayed.

The health bar is displayed in the bottom left of each players screen and is rendered on a dark background. No value or percentage is shown, this is to keep players guessing on how much more damage they can possibly take steering away from hiding away from the action.

The players score is displayed in the bottom right of the screen and is accompanied by a label, ‘Score’.

In the top right there is the timer, which displayer the pre-game and main time depending on what is relevant. Above the timer is the minimap which I started to develop. At the moment it is just a birds-eye view of the map with the players not being rendered by it. This will eventual be changed to a radar style map showing the locations of players, we made this decision after testing the gameplay and finding it fairly difficult finding the other player when there is only two.


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